Live Theater

"La Belle et la Bete" (2011) by Lionel Veran

"Cendrillon" (2010) by Lionel Veran

Feature Films

"Miniature Wargaming" (2017) by Joseph Piddington

Short Films

"The Seventh Commandment" (2017) by Perdell Richardson

"The Execution" (2016) by Elise Ahrens                            (nominated for Best Score at the "Stories by the River" Film                                                                                               Festival 2017)

"Bedroom story" (2015) by Theo Sansano

"Hydropolis" (2015) by Pamela Mora, Ricky Dowes        (Award of Recognition at the 2015 Best Shorts Film Festival,                                                                                              Nomination at the 2016 Emerson Film Festival)

"Memory" (2014) by Elise Ahrens

"Mandy" (2014) by Enrique Villena


"Ulis" (2014) by Margherita Marincola

"Broken Soil" (2014) by Gabriele Urbonaite                    (Nominated for Best Student Documentary at the 2015                                                                                                      Salem Film Festival)  


"Winter in Boston" (2015) by Arlan Fonseca

"Photo Exhibition: Ardhanarishvara" (2013) by Pallavi Gujarathi