Gioacchino Marincola is a composer for film and media.

With several credits including independent short films, documentaries, animated films, as well as live plays and an art exhibition, his music can vary from full orchestral, to electronic ambient and acoustic minimalistic. 

With his roots in Italy and southern France, he was born in a family of musicians, with a father who is a renown European Lute player specialized in music from the Renaissance and Baroque era, a mother who sings classical music and Sephardic songs, and a sister who plays violin and sings classical Indian music, he has been exposed to a very large palette of musical styles at a really young age. He also played oboe at the conservatory for thirteen years, and electric guitar in a punk rock band for over ten years, releasing two albums and one EP, and touring in Europe and Asia. 

His passion for composition for visual media started when he was first asked to score a theatrical play in 2011, about the story of "Cinderella". Later on, he composed the soundtrack for another play, then started composing for short movies. 

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in 2016, with a Major in Film Scoring and a Minor in Videogame scoring. 


Professional Resume (Download Here)